Recruiting Team Members Through Social Media

Recruiting new FRC Students is not all that easy sometimes, at least good ones anyway. You really do have to work hard to find talented people who desire to be in FIRST Robotics and who have the potential. Don't fret though. You can do it. 

One effective way to recruit new team members is through social media. Even though you need interpersonal interaction with students to ultimately get them on your team, social media can be the start of the process if you do it right. Here is how: 

4 Fantastic Facebook Hacks for Your FIRST Team

In our current age of internet interaction, Facebook is by far one of the most impactful out of the major social media platforms with over 1.65 Billion users worldwide. Did you know that 1 in every 4 minutes of mobile app use is spent in Facebook alone? And for good reason. You can share videos, photos, links and even GIFs with zero character limits to provide your audience with some sweet media. But let’s face it. Sometimes keeping the ol’ team Facebook page flowing with relevant content can seem more like a chore than an actual form of connection with your followers.


I had the opportunity to visit the KC Regional and interview some awesome people about some very random things. I am not sure that I even asked them questions pertaining to FIRST Robotics, but nonetheless it was still fun though. 

Make Your Chairman's Presentation Stand Out!

Now, there are a lot of teams that go to great lengths to make their chairman presentation stand out, some examples of this are: wearing crazy clothes and accessorizes, having flashy presentation software, and having a massive electronic setup. The only problem with some of these set-ups is that they can be to expensive for rookie teams or other teams that might have a low budget. So here are some things that you can do to help your teams chairman's presentation stand out. 

1 Thing To Remember During The Competition

It is no secret that competition season is probably one of the most anticipated parts of FIRST Robotics. I mean, there are robots that play sports, it is legit stuff man! I always look forward to seeing how teams innovate and design their robots in contrasting ways, solving problems unique ways and finding new ways to play the game. I have the opportunity to attend a couple different competitions each year and it amazes me how smart students are. It brings me back to my glory days…. 


I’m quite confident this year’s FIRST Robotics Competition game will be much better than last year’s. Of course, I could be wrong though. But let me have a little hope okay? P.S. I do like FIRST Robotics a lot. 


I am a fan of this years game so far, simply because they let each teams officially brand themselves with what is called the “Team Standard”…uh…flag. It’s basically a flag that you add to the playing field during a match. You can learn more about it here if you don’t know about it already. 

Dozer Met A New Friend: Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is here, so our minds have turned
To what time has taught us, to what we've learned:
We often focus all our thought
On shiny things we've shopped and bought.
We take our pleasure in material things,
Forgetting the pleasure that friendship brings.
If a lot of our stuff just vanished today,
We'd see the foundation of each happy day
Is special relationships, constant and true,
And that's when our thoughts go directly to you.
We wish you a Thanksgiving you'll never forget,
Full of love and joy—your best one yet!

5 Essential Songs for an FRC Music Playlist

Whenever I create different music playlists, I normally do so for a certain purpose: like when I need to get pumped up for the game, or like whenever my girlfriend broke up with me (just kidding, I don't have a girlfriend...). So I was thinking the other day to myself that I need a FIRST Robotics playlist. So I searched and found a great list of songs that FIRST apparently uses at events. Through this list, I got some inspiration to create my own list of songs that pump me up. Here is what I choose. And feel free to comment below with your own songs! :)