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Acquiring a 501(c)(3) For Your FRC Team

One of the more daunting tasks of most FRC teams is to raise the money needed to meet the operating budget of a competition season. Even if a school-sponsored team can rely on some district funds, most have to raise some funds to cover all the various expenses of going to a regional competition. Some teams (home-schooled, or private school) are obliged to raise the entire budget each year. These funds can come from team dues, various fund-raising activities, private donors, and sponsors. Private donors and sponsors can help contribute to a lion's share of the operating expenses for your team. However, these last two groups are more likely to help if your team or organization is listed with the IRS as a legitimate 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Some corporations require this before they will give.

Get A New Sponsor (3 Tips)

Specific actions that can be taken to connect with corporate sponsors: 

1. Approach companies that student team member’s parents work for – This is probably the single most successful way for a team to raise sponsorship funds. The parents are the greatest sources of resources a team has. Many times a parent will have connections inside the company, or know the right processes to follow to apply for formal sponsorship. If the parent volunteers to assist the team as a mentor or in another capacity many companies will provide a donation to the organization (if it holds a non- profit IRS status) based on the number of hours volunteered.