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1 Thing To Remember During The Competition

It is no secret that competition season is probably one of the most anticipated parts of FIRST Robotics. I mean, there are robots that play sports, it is legit stuff man! I always look forward to seeing how teams innovate and design their robots in contrasting ways, solving problems unique ways and finding new ways to play the game. I have the opportunity to attend a couple different competitions each year and it amazes me how smart students are. It brings me back to my glory days…. 

The Build Season: Finishing Well

Oh my good gosh! The build season is almost over.

BAM! Like that it flew by! 

Can you believe it? I can. It happens every year. It leaves me sad and a little broken inside.

But hey, even though the build season is almost over, there is much to look forward too! 

3 FRC Teams Your Team Needs To Be More Like

Being on a FIRST Robotics team is hard sometimes. It is practically like a legit business if you think about it; you have many similar "departments" or "teams" just like any other business. So with this idea that a FIRST Robotics team is like a real business, we understand that it can be really hard sometimes to do everything right.

The Build Season: The Importance of Week 1

If you are looking to help your team through the build season without many train wrecks, you need focus on the most important part: the first week. The way your team spends the first week is crucial to how well the rest of the build season goes and could be the defining factor on how well the competition season is played. Let me explain further below. 


Running an effective meeting is a hard thing to do, especially when you are working with people who are new to the team, or they just don’t engage well with large groups of people. Listed below are three tips that we think every FRC team needs to consider when running a meeting.  

Ready For Champs? Read This First

So your team is going to the St. Louis Championships? Congratulations! I know your team deserves it, and I bet that you are excited. There is something that we want to remind of before you do head to St. Louis. We want you and your team to thoroughly enjoy your experience at champs because we know how fun it can be, but if you don't have the right mindset, you won't enjoy it to the full extent. 

3 Mistakes Most Teams Make

In FIRST Robotics, there is a lot of room for error, so therefore teams make mistakes. Some mistakes can be avoided by simply following the instructions or the rules, but sometimes mishaps just happen. So, to keep you from doing these things, we hope to inform you first.