Have The Off-Season Blues?

Okay, now the Post Traumatic Robotics Stress Disorder (PTRSD) has simmered down a little bit, you might be wondering...”Man, the off-season is too long. Do I really have to wait eight months for the next game release? What am I supposed to do until then?!?” Never fear my fine fellow FIRSTer, the off-season can be just as fun as the competition season. If you have the off-season blues, you might want to consider these few ideas:

Ready For Champs? Read This First

So your team is going to the St. Louis Championships? Congratulations! I know your team deserves it, and I bet that you are excited. There is something that we want to remind of before you do head to St. Louis. We want you and your team to thoroughly enjoy your experience at champs because we know how fun it can be, but if you don't have the right mindset, you won't enjoy it to the full extent. 

4 Tips to a Better Chairmans Presentation

It's almost time for Chairmans Presentations!  As you are putting the final touches on your presentation, keep these things in mind.

1)  Make sure your presentation addresses all the points in your Executive Summary.  The judges want to hear you tell them about the impact your team has had on your community and your teams members.  Give specific examples.  If your mentors have been of great value to you or your team or have helped in a specific way that went above and beyond the call of duty, express that to the judges.  Be specific and address every point in the Executive Summary if possible.

#SkyHawk (FRC 610)

Since the build season is over in FIRST Robotics, many teams are showcasing their robots they build for the coming competitions for the 2015 season. As our team scouted the web, (mostly Chief Delphi - www.chiefdelphi.com) we found a couple robot videos that caught our eyes. These robots were robustly built and very captivating to the eye; the cool thing is that most robot reveal videos have not been released! Through our search we stumbled upon FRC Team 610's robot release video and we have to say, it's something else.

Acquiring a 501(c)(3) For Your FRC Team

One of the more daunting tasks of most FRC teams is to raise the money needed to meet the operating budget of a competition season. Even if a school-sponsored team can rely on some district funds, most have to raise some funds to cover all the various expenses of going to a regional competition. Some teams (home-schooled, or private school) are obliged to raise the entire budget each year. These funds can come from team dues, various fund-raising activities, private donors, and sponsors. Private donors and sponsors can help contribute to a lion's share of the operating expenses for your team. However, these last two groups are more likely to help if your team or organization is listed with the IRS as a legitimate 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Some corporations require this before they will give.

No Size Limit for Robots, Oh Boy...

The 2015 FIRST Robotics game is Recycle Rush, and it has some heads spinning because of the diversity and rule changes. Since the game seems a little more complicated and "rule free" than previous years before, we have searched and came up with 3 interesting ideas that your team might want to keep in mind in Recycle Rush. 

3 Mistakes Most Teams Make

In FIRST Robotics, there is a lot of room for error, so therefore teams make mistakes. Some mistakes can be avoided by simply following the instructions or the rules, but sometimes mishaps just happen. So, to keep you from doing these things, we hope to inform you first.