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FIRST Robotics is not just for engineers, programmers, or any tech loving person. It is also for business people, photographers, videographers, marketers, graphic designers, and any other creative person. And that is where we come in. We create content that will help you and your team grow in the non-technical areas.

Paint Explosion

Content Made Simple


We know the non-technical sides of FIRST Robotics can be confusing and hard at times. That is why we provide content that is simple and understandable so that your team can reach new heights.



Our History

FRCNation was started by David B., an alumni of FRC Team 3528, UpNext, from Kansas City, Missouri. During his time on the team, he worked with the communications and multimedia to promote the team through branding and design. 

After graduating high school, David wanted to continue working to promote FIRST Robotics in some way. That is when he had the idea for FRCNation, a website that could help FIRST Robotics teams 


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