Three Things To Remember This Season

Three Things To Remember This Season

1. Know The Game

The best way to know the game is to read the rules!  Make sure you know the rules backwards, forwards, and upside down, because the more you familiarize yourself with them, the more effective you become as a team member. 

Knowing the game and how it is played will also help you become engaged with your team. Whenever your drive team is talking about certain strategies and gameplay tactics, you will be able to identify with what they are talking about and be able to contribute to the conversation. 

2. Know Your Team

This season, get to know your team a little more. Take time to understand your team's strengths and weaknesses. Find out how your team can improve in certain areas so you will do better during the competition times. 

People often forget to be interpersonal with each other; we forget about building real and personal relationships with our friends and teammates around us. Getting to know your team well takes time and effort I know. But if you take the time to be intentional with each person on your team, you will find that your team will grow into a well-oiled machine. 

3. Know Your Limits

Another important thing to remember is to know your team's limits. Each person on your team has natural talents and abilities – including you!  Don’t walk into a season thinking that you know everything, because you don't. That attitude will keep you from doing well in the competition. Instead, focus on the things you and your team do well, and do them even better this season. 

If there is something your team doesn't know or understand, reach out to other teams. They will be glad to help you: that is what gracious professionalism is all about. 

Bonus Section: Know Your Resources

In addition to knowing your limitations, make sure you know what resources are available to you. If someone else on the team knows more about a specific system or process you are working on, get them involved. It is always better to get someone else involved than to just make changes blindly.

Also, don’t forget about community resources.  Look to engineers or manufacturers in your community for help or guidance as needed.  And always remember – it never hurts to ask!


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