Pick An Elite Drive Team

Want a drive team that works well together, plays hard, and wins matches? Of course you do. Other than supplying your team with a great robot, a great drive team is also needed and will determine how much your team succeeds. So, that your team might succeed, here are three tips on picking a great drive team.

1. Find team members that want to be there

Find team members that are genuinely exciting about being on the team and at the small meetings. It is important that you have passionate people that always want to be there and are ready to give it their all, even when others don't want to. There has to be passion and soul in the person, they should really want to be there; this is necessary when you are looking for a drive team/member. 

2. Don't overlook teamwork  

Don't overlook team members that work really, really well together. It is very crucial that the drive team can communicate efficiently while on the playing field. Now, I am talking about communication that is rehearsed and run over, communication that is second nature really. If you find members that have any sort of communication skills, pick them over the overconfident students.

3.  Find the one's with patience 

This is one is pretty simple. Find the students that have patiences, and then test them on it. Being on the FRC field, driving the robot, and communicating with other teams does take patience believe me, so picking a drive team with this skill is key in my view. 


I am sure there are many different suggestions to what makes a great drive team. If you have one, please comment below! Thanks for reading. 

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