LED Lights For The FRC Robot


So your team wants to use LED lights on the robot? That is such a sweet idea and it is completely possible and reasonable! The LED lights will give your robot an extra "pop" and definition when it is out on the field; not to mention every eye will be drawn to your robot. 

If you are looking for lights that are easy to install I would recommend these specific lights here: www.adafruit.com

These LED lights have arduino code, so you can interface it to the cRio through a pair of digital outputs. You can take the Arduino library and adapt it to use the SPI.h interface in Wpilib, this way the lights respond to a lot more of the robot, driver actions, and the wiring will be much simpler. Make sure you use the individually addressable LED's from Adafruit and hook it up to a couple DIO ports, this then can call them directly from the cRIO using SPI in Java.

The second choice you have is to get the lights from www.superbrightleds.com

These are very high powered flexible trips that have worked well for a lot of FRC teams. All you need to do is connect it to the solenoid breakout. Make sure you get one NFLS10-2CPTH solderless pigtail adapter per section. 


Hope this helps! Comment if you know of any other places to get great LED lights for the robot!

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