3 Ways To Improve Your FRC Teams Media

3 Ways To Improve Your FRC Teams Media

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I would venture and say most FRC teams want some sort of media presence on the web or on social media sites. Some teams are really good at doing that, for example: FRC Team 254. They have an amazing media presence all over FIRST Robotics and they are amazing with promotional material and web mastering. There is a lot we can learn from a team like this, so here is the deal. We are going to examine this team and figure out what makes them so good at this area in FIRST Robotics. To what we have found, here are three ways to improve your FRC teams media. 

1.  Be Intentional About All Your Media!

It is very important to be intentional with every part of media your team puts out. If anything comes out on your Facebook, Instagram, or website, it should have a specific purpose that will draw an audience in or gain some sort of credibility with your team. A example of having intentional media content would be creating and posting a video series of how install a Banebot motor on a robot that allows the robot to do certain tasks. A example of NOT having intentional media content would be posting random blog posts about how your team did in the regional competition a few weeks earlier and the experience you had. 

2. Discover What The Audience Wants 

This is a obvious one of course, but most teams really don't try to understand what the audience is looking for in media posts or other related videos. The audience for a FIRST Robotics team would most likely, and always be, other FIRST Robotics teams or alumni. So, with that said, all we have to do is find out exactly what we would want to see in other robotics teams. 

FRC Team 254 does a great job in knowing what the audience wants to see. They hand out their robots code at the end of the year so other teams can see how they did it. They also provide fun and exciting resource documents for other teams to read and view as they pleasure. 

3. Follow EVERYONE Back 

On the social networking side of media, your team needs to follow or "like" everyone possible that is related to FIRST Robotics. For Twitter, follow other teams, regional events, and people that are in FRC; this is the same for Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube. Everyone likes to be noticed and followed, so it makes sense why this is a good tactic. 

You can also go out and actively look for people to follow or like. Normally people will follow you back if you are related to the same organization or have some sort of common interest. 


That is it! Comment bellow if you have any other recommendations! 

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