3 FRC Teams Your Team Needs To Be More Like

3 FRC Teams Your Team Needs To Be More Like

Being on a FIRST Robotics team is hard sometimes. It is practically like a legit business if you think about it; you have many similar "departments" or "teams" just like any other business. So with this idea that a FIRST Robotics team is like a real business, we understand that it can be really hard sometimes to do everything right.

No worries though, we got your back. 

We found three FIRST Robotics teams that, we think, can relate to you and your team. They are excellent in specific areas in the realm of FIRST, most being team branding, media production, promotions, and resources. 


If there is one thing you should learn from this team it is this: team branding. #omgrobots...this team really knows how to brand themselves. Almost all of FIRST knows who this team is whereas a couple of years ago, I think they weren't so known. 

Let me tell you why they do such a good job at branding their team. Time-after-time this team consistently uses the same colors, design concepts, and tone for everything they do. Just look at their website. Everything from their graphic design, with the colors white and leaf green accents, to their team story, is a perfect example of what all FIRST Robotics teams should look strive to be like.

If you want your FRC team to improve, make sure you go follow them on social media and get your team to closely consider how they might learn from this fantastic team. 



I have had the privilege of meeting this team in person last year at the Greater Kansas City Regional in Kansas City, Missouri. I was impressed by their kindness towards me and their passion for outreach and promotions.

If you want to learn about anything from this team, it is how to promote your team and use it for the greater good. One way they do this is through their YourGoGirl! initiative. They want to reverse society’s perception of women in engineering by inspiring girls to become involved in STEM fields (FRC Team 1710, 2015). They do a phenomenal job at this; it's making a real big impact on how we perceive women and the STEM field. 

This team also does a fantastic job at branding themselves. Their website is excellent and the overall team image says they are serious about what they do. 

Oh yeah, not to mention. Their team has a store! Yeah, they sell their own tees. So go get one HERE. 


I can almost guarantee you have never heard of this team before and that is why I like them. I have also met this team before and I can say they are incredibly smart; they are homeschool geniuses.  

The big takeaway that you should get from this team is this: they know how to use what resources they have. In whatever they do, whether it be building the robot, or doing outreach programs, they do it in a efficient and cost-effective way. 

During my time in FIRST Robotics, I had a lot of friendships with some of the people on this team and I can tell you, sometimes their team is on a tight budget, but it doesn't show. They build robots within their means and they make simplistic designs that work. I have consistently seen them make it to the quarter and semi-finals each year. So learn from them, and make the most with what you have. 


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