3 Ways To Build Your FRC Team's Website

3 Ways To Build Your FRC Team's Website

Building a team website can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know how to code. Sometimes it takes a lot of thought and many years of work to build an effective one that serves its purpose for your team. 

But the cool thing is, it doesn’t have to be difficult to build a sweet team website that works. There are many different websites out there that help you build a website in the most effective and efficient way: you can get this done during the build season.

So how the heck can your team build an awesome FRC team website during the build season? There are three websites that I want you make you aware of that can help with this: 

  1. yola.com 
  2. wix.com 
  3. squarespace.com 



Let’s take a look at Yola. It is a very simple, effective, and easy-to-use website builder. They take all the coding craziness out of your life. You can simply drag and drop things into desired spots in the builder and bam, your set to go. 


The price is reasonable and competitive compared to other websites that offer the same service. They have three different pricing levels: Bronze ($4.17/month), Silver ($8.33/month), and Gold ($16.66/month). For what you get, the services are great! You can view the packages more in detail here: https://www.yola.com/pricing

You can try out a free version of the website to make sure it will fit your team’s needs. If you

Benefit (Easy on Budget)

The big benefit here is that your teams budget won’t suffer much at all. The pricing is set at a great price for what services and templates they offer. Yes, the only have ten website templates, currently, but depending on what your team needs, I am sure this will work out just fine; the templates are also exceptionally stylish and modern. 



Wix is a website I have personally used before during some of my other work projects. This site I can tell you is seriously awesome. It is the best website builder for complete and total customization. They let you move and drag website objects and place them anywhere you want.  


The price is, again, reasonable and competitive compared to other website builders. They have multiple different pricing levels:  Combo ($9.25/month), Unlimited ($12.42/month), and eCommerce ($16.17/month) just to name a few. The unlimited package is the best offer if you ask my. There are a ton of awesome modern templates that allow your team to standout overall: http://www.wix.com/upgrade/website

There is also a free version available for your team too. 

Benefit (Complete and Total Customization.)

The big benefit here is that your teams has full access to the complete customization of your website. What I mean by that is you and literally position any website object wherever you want on your website: you can change the color block red, you can move the text an inch down, you can position pictures closer or farther away from each other, etc. There are just a lot of contrasting ways of customizing your website if you use Wix.



This is my favorite website builder on the market right now. I currently use Squarespace for FRCNation.com, and it has been working out great so far. Unlike Wix, there are not as many customization features to Squarespace, but there is a lot of sound structure to their templates and websites. What I mean by this is that they do a great job of keeping their services well-rounded withfeatures you will actually use, while having them work well. 


For what they offer, they pricing might seem on the high side, but it is without question worth it in the long run. There are only two prices: Personal ($8/month), and Business ($18/month). 

They don’t offer a free trial, so if you want to start simple and figure out if this site will work for your team, try the Personal package option. I can tell you though, you won’t be disappointed with Squarespace. 

Benefit (Well-Rounded, Beautiful Websites)

Like I said before, I use Squarespace for this website you are on right now, and the biggest benefit I have seen from it is that it is an overall well-rounded website with incredibly beautiful website designs. Squarespace is easy-to-use and they invites you and allow you to build modern and simplistic websites with their services. 


Did you find this helpful?

What website builder does your team use? 

Does your team have the budget for these three websites?

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