3 Things to Remember Before the FIRST Robotics Season Starts

3 Things to Remember Before the FIRST Robotics Season Starts

Kickoff day always comes fast doesn't it? Where has the time gone? I thought summer just started! 

If you're anything like me, I enjoy the rush and anticipation of any FIRST Robotics season. There are so many things to do, people to meet and competitions to win. But with all that going on, I know sometimes it can get a little crazy and we miss out on some important stuff. That is why I want to remind you of a couple things I think are important to remember as the season gets ready to start. 

1. Have Fun

This one is actually pretty easy to miss.

When I was in FIRST, I remember being so rushed and stressed out while the competition season was happening that I missed out on all the fun I could have had. I missed out on opportunities like getting to know my teammates better, goofing around and enjoy the time with a group of people building a robot. I mean, come on, building a robot is freaking awesome! Who else gets to do that casually? Enjoy it! 

Don't forget to have fun during this competition season and sit back a couple of times and look around you. Enjoy the atmosphere, the laughs and the friendships. Your time in FIRST will go by quicker than you know.

2. Learn Something New

FIRST is suppose to be a place where you learn knew things and gain skills in areas you otherwise wouldn't have the chance to. But it surprises me how many students don't take advantage of the opportunities to learn new things during their time with a FIRST team. 

Maybe it is because laziness, or maybe because new things seem too hard. Who knows. But either way, I would encourage you to learn something new this season.

Get out of your comfort zone and try something you have never done before. Is it helping the electrical team splice wires? Is it helping the multimedia team shoot a video? Is it cutting something with the band saw? Do something totally out of your comfort zone and encourage others to do the same. 

3. Do Crazy Things and Take Risks

Finally, do something crazy and take risks. Man I like this one. 

When I was on a FIRST team, I was so crazy pumped about everything. I was the risk taker, the crazy guy who kept doing off-the-all things. Do you have a risk taker on your team? 

During my time on the team, it surprised me how many people just didn't care about anything. They would rather take the safe rout. 

I would encourage you do the opposite. Take risks. Fail. Learn something from your mistakes. And then improve. 

Even though doing crazy things and taking risks can spell trouble for your team, I wouldn't be afraid of it. Often times, I have seen, the teams who do crazy different things and innovate are often the ones who stand out and become successful. 

I hope your team thinks outside the box this competition season. Do something unknown and unheard of. 

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