Five FIRST Robotics Reveal Videos That Make Me Go WOW! (Videos)

Five FIRST Robotics Reveal Videos That Make Me Go WOW! (Videos)

The 2016 FIRST Robotics competition build season is over! For some of us that might mean we can get back to having a social life, but for others it means just the opposite. 

I am a major fan of this time during the season because this is when FIRST teams get to showcase all their hard work. There are so many awesome robot reveal videos that it can sometimes be overwhelming. But, through my research and archeological findings, I have found Five 2016 FIRST Robotics Reveal Videos That Makes Me Go WOW! 

As a disclaimer, I know there are a massive amount of awesome robots out there. Some would point to teams like 1114 and 254. I know they produce kick-butt robots basically every year, but that doesn't mean there are not teams out there who do the same. These robots will give everyone a run for their money! Let's start with team 1690 and their robot Skyzer.

1. FRC team 1690 Orbit 2016 robot reveal - "SKYZER"

The first time I viewed this video I was thoroughly impressed. The hype and the energy found in the video editing and making of the video is incredible. It showcases the robot's abilities and establishes that this robot will be a force to deal with during the competition. Props to 1690's media team.

Skyzer's abilities are also outstanding. This robot can move through each defense on the outer works platform with ease by having their eight-wheel drive train.

Skyzer also has an accurate shooter built in. From what is shown in the video, they can shoot from almost anywhere along the outer works platform area. Their targeting system seems to be a big help in their accuracy and their autonomous mode. Check the video below: 

2. Team 2485 W.A.R. Lords Present: Orion

Talk about another team that blew me away. Team 2485's robot, Orion, looks like it should be on Tv. The video successfully captured the robot's precision and ability to play the game while making it look like a work of art. I am pretty sure Dean Kamen build this robot!

The robot's treads seem to fulfill it's purposes, allowing it to be maneuverable across every area of the field and making it easy to go through the defense areas on the outer works platform. 

Orion can also shoot too! Mind you they have to be up close to the batter near the scoring tower, but I don't think that will cause any problems for them. Great job team 2485! Watch the video below: 

3. FRC Team 701 Robot Reveal 2016: "Loki"

First must I say. HOLLY FREAKING NOODLES. This video is incredible! Did I just watch a preview for a movie or something? I am not sure what happened, but it was awesome! Chills ran up my arm. No joke.

FRC Team 701 rocked this video and displayed their very sexy and sophisticated robot. The cinematic shots, lighting, and angles made the robot look like a million bucks. Who do I need to hire on that team to make me look that good? 

The robot, Loki, seems to be build incredibly well too. The intake system looks beautiful. View this masterpiece below:

4. FRC 2016 robot reveal | Hyperion 3360 | Manticore

First initial thoughts from watching this video: this is a high energy, pumped up, successful, FIRST loving FRC team with an awesome robot. Wouldn't you say? 

For me, this video captures what FIRST teams and robots should look like: bright colors, team banners, welding, tools, robot parts, and an excited crowds. Nothing makes me smile more.

Their robot, Manticore, just looks like a winning robot. It seems like it can go through just about any defense area and shoot accurately. The power-coated robot frame is designed and built with precision. Phenomenal jot team 3360! Check out the video below: 

5. Team 188 2016 Reveal : Blizzard XVI

"The Force from the North" as Team 188 is called. Yeah, you bet they are a force! A force that I think the Greater Toronto Regional will feel once the team enters its doors! This regional has a winner by the looks of this video. 

Every part of their robot, Bizzard XVI, screams winner. The design, the mechanics, the speed, the accuracy, and the agility can lead this team to victory.  

Their reveal video capitalized on Blizzard's strengths and communicated to me that this is a team with experience. They know how to build a robot and how to play the game. What legit robot team 188! Watch their winning robot below: 


What videos stood out to you?

Who do you think is a winning team? 


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