1 Thing To Remember During The Competition

1 Thing To Remember During The Competition

It is no secret that competition season is probably one of the most anticipated parts of FIRST Robotics. I mean, there are robots that play sports, it is legit stuff man! I always look forward to seeing how teams innovate and design their robots in contrasting ways, solving problems unique ways and finding new ways to play the game. I have the opportunity to attend a couple different competitions each year and it amazes me how smart students are. It brings me back to my glory days…. 

Regardless of what you or I am looking forward to during competition season, there is one thing I want you to remember during this weekends competition season. We need to keep in consideration this one phrase that will help us make the most out of the experience. This one thing is this: work your A** off. Sorry, kinda blunt I know. 


As a FIRSTer, you know how much hard work goes into being on a team. Even FIRST promotes the idea that, “It's the hardest fun you will ever have.” You might spend a great deal of time during the off-season on outreachprojects, then when the build season rolls around, you are working 30+ hours a week on the robot, media projects, or programming. Finally comes the fun part, competition season. You are finishing some loose ends on projects that need to get done, building the pit, practicing presentations and gathering everything up for the big event. Few…it is a lot of work huh? Yeah, but it is worth it! 

You know what it is like to work hard. You have done it before no doubt. But as a reminder during this weeks competition, do it again: work your a** off and help your team succeed. Even when you are tired and want to take a nap, step up and find the energy to keep going. You have more power than you think, trust me. Are you finding it hard to believe me? Just ask any alumni of FIRST. They will tell you the same thing. 

Always be willing to do things that others don’t want to do. Be the hardest worker in the room, but remember to be humble as well. A quote from Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson puts what I am trying to say in simple terms: 


Working you a** off really is the best way of doing things. You will look back at your time in FIRST robotics and say one of two things:

  1. “Man…I really wished I would have had more fun in FIRST robotics. I should have contributed more to the team and took advantage of all that their was to offer.” or, 
  2. “Man…I am glad I really worked my tail off during FIRST robotics. It helped me learn so many new skills and actually allowed me to have the most fun possible.” 

It’s your choice now. How are you going to remember your time in FIRST? 


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