How to Analyze Your Facebook Followers and Generate Traffic

How to Analyze Your Facebook Followers and Generate Traffic

Okay, so you have a pretty substantial amount of followers on your team’s Facebook page but it seems like no matter how many articles or links your page shares, you never get a large amount interaction with your posts. Or you might just be new at using social media and want to know more about it. You aren’t alone! I would like to share how to generate traffic through analyzing your Facebook followers. 

Why is analyzing your audience important? 

Analyzing your audience can help you figure out what content your followers are specifically drawn to and what interests them the most. Sure, you could try and draw everyone in by spamming your page with never ending content…but believe us, you can’t please everyone. Analyzing your audience can help you create posts that directly correlate with the interests of your followers and make more relevant content to stay active and engaged with the community. 

Where do I start?

Thankfully Facebook has built in insight tools that you can use for free that will allow you to see all the statistics of everything you’ve ever posted. From likes, comments, shares, and even when most of your fans are online, you will be able to see what people are clicking on and what is appealing to your followers. 

Start off by heading over to your Facebook page and click on the insights tab at the top

How to Analyze Facebook Followers

From there, you can see your pages weekly summary which will inform you of things such as page views, reach, post engagements, and page likes. 

Facebook Analytics Page

Scroll down a little further and you’ll see the summary of your past five posts with information such as engagements (likes, comments, shares) and total reach. This also will show which of those views we’re organic, and which views came from a paid ad.

Use these tools to your advantage!

You really want to study these stats religiously in order to really make content that your audience will enjoy. This way they will share your content and your message will spread even further. Because the ultimate goal is to gain more followers so they can hear about your team’s mission and what you do. 

For instance, if you see certain types of posts are not getting many likes or engagements on a continual basis, STOP POSTING THOSE things and try something different. Since you're a FIRST Robotics team, you more-than-likely need to post about FIRST related things like FIRST updates, cool outreach activities, and helpful tips and tricks, etc. But since your a ROBOTICS team, you might want to post things about ROBOTICS, like cool videos and memes.  


The goal here is to really target your audience and ask yourself what they want to see and share. 

Did this help you at all? 


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