A Marketing Framework to Help Your FIRST Team Succeed


Strengthen your team’s brand, increase sponsorships, and enhance credibility for long-term success by guiding your team through a proven marketing filter.



The Problem Teams Face

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Does your FIRST Robotics team struggle with marketing? Is it frustrating that you can’t get enough sponsors so your team can compete at regional events? Are you having trouble getting recognized in the FIRST community and building a strong reputation?

Many FIRST teams have these same problems which can cause major setbacks that no team should have to experience. The good news is, it doesn't have to be this way.

With the FRCNation Marketing Framework, you’ll have a proven filter to support all of your marketing efforts. With step-by-step instructional videos, downloadable templates, and easy-to-follow tutorials, you’ll become an expert in marketing and guide your team towards success.



THe Process


Develop Your Message

Establish a clear team message that resonates with your audiences


Tell It Beautifully

Share your message in a stunning way through digital and print mediums


See the Results

Strengthen your team’s brand, increase sponsorships, and enhance credibility






  • Minimal team recognition in the FIRST Community

  • Outdated & faded team brand

  • Low-paying team sponsors

  • Cluttered and unorganized team identity

  • Undefined team purpose and mission

  • Marketing that doesn’t work


  • Strengthen your team’s reputation across all of FIRST

  • Become a recognized and prominent team

  • Aquire quality team sponsors

  • Clarify your team

  • Defined team direction and aim

  • A proven way to market your FIRST Team